The Of 72 Project



What happens when seventy- two men (72) and one  (1) woman dies and no one knows who they are? Who were these men and this woman who were killed during the incursion of May 2010?  Did they have children? Did they have a mother? Father?Did they have brothers or sisters? How old were they ? What did they like to do on the weekends? Were they employed? Where did they work ? If they weren’t employed …what did they do? Were they young…were they old? Did they like Beenie Man .Bounty Killer Vybz Kartel , Movado, Beris Hammond or Bob? What was their favorite colour  What did they like to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner ? What  did their voice sound like? What did they smell like? Did they have  a boyfriend or husband? A wife or girlfriend? Have they ever lost a loved one? Did they cry when hurt?  Were they tall or short ? Dark or Brown, RED ,YELLOW???? Where were they when they died ? Who was with them? Were they alone? Were they in a building ? Were they outside? Did they have guns ? Were they from Tivoli Gardens? If they weren’t where were they from ? What was their connection to Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke ? Did they have any relationship to Coke? Were there children? Who were their parents? Did they have cell phones? Did they have cars ?Did they cry out for anyone? Did they go to church? Did they go to school? What clothes were they wearing? Who were they???                                                                       


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